5772 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

The Lord has us pray daily for the pieces of art that are in homes, schools, offices, churches, and prayer rooms the world over.

We are so thankful for this covenant connection, please join us in this intercession.

As you gaze upon the art, and, if the Lord prompts you, please ask for these images to have a voice and for precious souls to receive revelation, light and prophetic insight into the eternal purposes of the King and His Kingdom.

Together we will create a swirl of intercession throughout the earth as these prophetic images become portals through which eternal light, truth, and glory are released.

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Something Special

This prophetic image was created on July 4th, 2010. We introduced it at the End Time Handmaiden World Convention in St. Louis that same week, and the response was overwhelming.

Everyone who passed by our display stopped and commented on the beauty of the image. “Gorgeous” was and is the operative word over this prophetic piece.

I believe there is something more with this piece, something very prophetic about the position of the bride in the earth. This image is speaking very loud and very clear to His people: the King is at the door and He Himself has prepared a bride and made her ready.

Many people have asked what is the significance of the water in the image. The theme song of the End Time Handmaiden gathering said it so well, “she has been baptized in the glory.”

There are images and then there are images that the Lord has kissed, and this one the Lord has kissed.

We are so thankful that the Master has seen fit to allow us the honor of releasing this grace gift into the earth. We present to you “Awaiting the King”.

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